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I have been in the IT field for over 31 years and because I am A plus and a Microsoft certified professional I can not only work on any piece of hardware or software I can do so while maintaining the warranty of the product. I specialize in customizing your entire network weather it is existing or starting from scratch to your businesses needs. There is no need to spend money on things you don’t need. If you only need to be in a workgroup environment then you don’t need the expense of a server. However I have seen so many times where a company has been sold a server and the server has not even been setup as a server but is actually in “workgroup mode” which is a total waste of money. I have saved company’s hundreds of dollars a month by helping them find the right resources for phone and INTERNET services that they never even knew they could take advantage of. Many company’s and home based businesses or home users do not realize how easy it is to backup there entire systems. Some think that using old or online based backup services do the ‘trick’ Well it is actually a trick in a way.

All those products to is backup data and only data that you point it to. So when you have a hardware failure, and you will, you not only have to replace your hardware, you then have to install your operating system (if you can find the disks) and all the drivers (if you can find the disks) and then all of the programs (if you can find the disks or files you may have downloaded which probably have not been backed up) and then you have to install the backup software and then…… you can restore the data that you told the program to backup. Which probably did not include your email files, your favorites and many other items. The backup solutions we provide back up all of the data and the operating system and programs etc. EVERYTHING! In about 45 minutes after replacing the failed hardware you are right back where the last backup was done. All automated. It is this type of knowledge and service that sets us apart from the rest who know just enough about computers to get themselves in trouble. We don’t do half way jobs. We backup all of our work and all the products I sell are made or assembled and supported in the USA! My Computers and Servers are from the USA and SUPPORTED in the USA and most have 3 year warranty’s not 1 year warranty’s like DeLL, Gateway, etc which are all based overseas and supported in India or other foreign countries. I also provide installation and support of All type of Servers and Server Software as well as Routers and total Unified Threat Management Systems so you can monitor or block websites your employees are viewing and protect yourself from web based threats which regular Anti Virus programs cannot protect you from. I can also provide you with VPN solutions so your remote offices can communicate or so you can work from home without costly monthly fees. I also can provide you with Wireless products and solutions from a home based solution to an entire hotel or restaurant.

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