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Servicing the needs of single home users as well as company’s that have multiple servers and hundreds of workstations.

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I built my first computer In 1985 and ever since then I have been helping others find ways in which computers and networking can help their business become more productive and efficient.  I realized early on that just because you have a computer does not mean that what you do on it will necessarily make you or your business more productive.  Using a computer or a full network correctly can help you become more productive only if the right solutions are in place.

There are so many pieces of software out there to wade through that it does take a professional in many cases to point you in the right direction.  That is part of my job.  I am not tied down to certain products as an independent Consultant.  I will recommend what makes sense for YOU, not the manufacturer of the software or hardware.

In the last 31 plus years I make an average of 600 plus service calls a year.  I service the needs of single home users as well as company’s that have multiple servers and hundreds of workstations.  I know the ins and outs of most software and being a Microsoft Certified Professional as well as being Net Plus and A+ Certified with Certifications in the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer Course ware allows you the confidence that I know the software and hardware in your home or office inside and out.

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